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Member Application Overview

The Community Advisory Council ("CAC") to Flint Hills Resources ("FHR") Pine Bend Refinery is seeking six new members to fill positions of current members whose terms will expire in May 2017. All applicants must reside in one of the following cities or townships: Apple Valley, Coates, Eagan, Empire Township, Hastings, Inver Grove Heights, Nininger Township, Rosemount, or Vermillion Township. To maintain a geographic balance of CAC members, applicants who are residents of Nininger Township (1 year term) Hastings, Coates, Inver Grove Heights, Empire Township, Rosemount and Vermillion will be given first preference in the selection process to fill seats being vacated by representatives from those cities/townships. All terms, except for Nininger Township, are for three years (2017 - 2020).

Purpose of the Community Advisory Council to Flint Hills Resources' Pine Bend Refinery

The purpose of the CAC is to provide two-way communication between the community and the management of FHR's Pine Bend Refinery in Pine Bend, MN. The CAC, in operation since December 1998, provides community members an opportunity to discuss issues and make recommendations to FHR regarding environmental, safety, and other issues of concern to the citizens living within close proximity of the refinery. The CAC also provides FHR with a mechanism to receive direct feedback from the community regarding refinery operations and plans. Further, the CAC allows the community and FHR to participate openly and collaboratively in addressing and solving problems.

The CAC's mission and initiatives (and meeting topics) revolve around three key areas:  environment, safety and community outreach. Additional activities and Council meeting topics are addressed as identified by the Council and/or FHR. The CAC consists of 20 community members, two voting members and one non-voting member from FHR/Pine Bend and a nonvoting member of the MN Pollution Control Agency. The MN School of Environmental Studies located in Apple Valley, MN is invited annually to appoint a high school student representative to the Advisory Council. The student member may serve up to a two-year term, and is e a full voting member of the Council.

CAC meetings are held on the 2nd Monday evening of the month, are 2 1/2 hours in length, and occur from September through May, with an orientation meeting in August.

Advisory Role and CAC Structure

CAC members serve in a voluntary capacity to advise and make recommendations to FHR. The CAC serves independently of FHR and the Steering Committee that established it. CAC meetings are coordinated by a CAC administrator and guided by a professional facilitator.

Selection Process, Criteria and Timeline

CAC members are selected to represent the diversity of the communities served. Balance is sought with regard to age, gender, income, educational background, occupation, expertise and interests. The largest geographic representation comes from neighbors living within approximately two miles of the refinery. Completed applications are reviewed by an independent project consultant. The consultant selects a group of semi-finalists, using a selection process and criteria originally designed for the CAC by the MN Chapter of the League of Women Voters. An ad hoc CAC Membership Selection Committee reviews non-personal application data of the semi-finalists and then conducts face-to-face interviews with semi-finalists. All personal application information is kept strictly confidential and reviewed only by the independent project consultant (see the CAC Privacy Policy on the application). Following the interviews, the Selection Committee recommends a group of finalists to the full CAC for their review and approval.

The primary date to interview CAC applicants is the evening of April 17, 2017. Applicants are asked to hold this date open if possible. Members selected for service on the CAC will be notified no later than May 15, 2017 and will begin their service on the Council in September 2017.

CAC Membership Applicant Eligibility Requirements

1) Applicants from Nininger Township, Hastings, Coates, Inver Grove Heights, Empire Township, Rosemount and Vermillion will be given first preference.
2) Former CAC Members must have been off the CAC for at least the last three years.
3) Residents who are current elected public officials or employees of government entities that hold managerial or leadership positions in cities, county or townships are not eligible to apply for CAC membership.
4) Applicants must be willing to commit to regularly attend CAC meetings and be interested in fulfilling the CAC's mission/purpose.
5) Applicants may apply online or download an application and return it postmarked no later than April 7, 2017 to the Community Advisory Council, P.O. Box 110, Rosemount, MN 55068-0110.
6) Questions about the application process or the CAC should be directed to Tami Indrehus, CAC Administrator, at (651) 429-8391 or admin@flinthillscac.org. For more information, please also visit our website at: www.flinthillscac.org.


Members are not compensated for their participation on the Advisory Council. Child care (standard hourly rate x length of the meeting) will be reimbursed and paid for by Flint Hills Resources.

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The primary date to interview CAC applicants is the evening of April 17, 2017. Applicants are asked to hold this date if possible.