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Advisory Council Meeting Guidelines

The CAC has established the following guidelines that help insure efficient and effective meetings:


Members will work together with the CAC facilitator to conduct productive and respectful meetings.


Common courtesies and civility are practiced. Examples include:

One person speaks at a time, as called upon or recognized by the CAC meeting facilitator. We listen to one another to understand and establish a shared understanding of the issues at hand.

"Reality Checks" are conducted and encouraged. In other words, we agree to ask questions or request additional information when we are uncertain or unclear about the information being shared.

Differences of opinion are respectfully expressed and shared. In some cases after listening to one another, members may "agree to disagree."

We work to encourage inclusive, participatory dialogue. For instance, the CAC facilitator may elect not to call on a person for a second time until others have had a first opportunity to speak.


Guests, neighbors and community members who attend and participate in CAC's monthly meeting are asked to adhere to the CAC Meeting Policies and Practices and the Advisory Council Meeting Principles and Guidelines. The CAC facilitator will work with the members of the CAC and the public to ensure the CAC meeting Policies, Practices and meeting Guidelines are followed.

CAC Meeting Principles and Practices


The CAC invites and encourages members of the public to attend monthly CAC meetings.


Members of the public will be invited to present brief remarks during the public comment portion of the meeting. Remarks may be limited, depending upon the number of individuals wishing to speak.


Members of the public interested in presenting more in-depth information or have an inquiry for the CAC, should contact the relevant CAC committee to seek a more formal slot on the CAC meeting agenda. For more information on how to contact CAC committees, please contact Bonnie Grundman, CAC administrator, at 651-429-8391 or admin@flinthillscac.org.


During CAC meetings, at the end of CAC member question and discussion periods, members of the public will be invited to ask questions pertaining to the subject being discussed. The facilitator will request and refer all other public questions or comments to the appropriate CAC committee or to Flint Hills Resources for discussion at another time.


Members of the public wishing to provide comment to the CAC and/or who attend CAC meetings are asked to check-in with the CAC meeting facilitator prior to the start of the meeting. Whenever possible, prior to the meeting, visitors will be introduced to the CAC member representing their area.

Meeting Guidelines

In order to keep meetings efficient and effective, the CAC follows established guidelines and all participants are expected to adhere to them. By following this process, the council can ensure that each participant is heard and understood.

Please review the guidelines and participant expectations prior to attending a meeting.

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