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Environmental Committee

The Environmental Committee reviews, prioritizes, studies and makes recommendations to the CAC-and ultimately Flint Hills Resources -on issues related to air, water, solid waste, and other environmental areas from both a community and a regulatory perspective. The committee works with independent consultants to collect and review data and to assist it in making its recommendations.

Safety Committee

The Safety Committee provides recommendations to Flint Hills Resources on enhanced refinery safety programs and community initiatives. One major Safety Committee milestone was to help establish the Flint Hills Resources Emergency Notification through the Dakota County Communications Center. To learn more about the Dakota County's emergency notification call system, or to self-register additional contacts, please go to http://www.mn-dcc.org and click on the Community Notification tab on the DCC website.

Membership & Operations

The Membership & Operations Committee manages the CAC membership according to the original guidelines established by the Minnesota League of Women Voters, and it helps maintain and update the CAC’s operational guidelines and planning efforts. The committee works with an independent consultant to oversee the CAC membership recruitment procedures.